About Us


My Kid Is A Leader works with township communities to educate and raise awareness about the important role education plays to eradicate poverty through holistic child development at school and at home

As a result of several years working in different communities we saw a need to create our Platform called My Kid Is A Leader where we partner with township-based learning institutions, community-based organizations, small business and corporate organizations to improve the quality of Early Childhood Development in the townships and small towns. 

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Our biggest partner in these events are the schools which we partner with. These include primary schools and day care centres. Together we create My Kid Is A Leader: Education Summit. Through this initiative, we raise awareness about the role that education plays in eradicating poverty and conscientize our parents about positive parenting approach to parenting that is essential for creating solid family units. As part of our organization’s objective, we are constantly looking at issues facing our communities in the child education space and look for ways to remedy them.

Our services are designed to improve your child’s skills, and we assist parents to be more supportive and involved in their parental experience and child’s learning. We also partner with other service providers who work in the space of child development and offer a platform to access our network of parents.

Core to the parental experience is the understanding of the different development milestones and how parents can offer support to their children.

We want to help Moms and Dads understand how to improve children’s learning experience which will develop innovative and creative thinking, cognitive skills, motor skills and other key soft skills.