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Create Whizz (7+12 years of age)


Creativity is probably the most important skill a child is born with

#Horse show throw

#Wooden pen peg

#Foam building blocks

#Pipe building set

Create Whizz (7+12 years of age)

Creativity is an important part of development it allows self-expression.

Creative experiences can help children express and cope with feeling better. Creativity actually also fosters mental and intellectual growth in children b providing opportunities by trying new ideas, and exploring problem-solving and new ways of thinking.


Other things to do at home can include

Rock monsters

Paint, makers pens, glue and glitter

Everyone can create monsters or Halloween figurines with the stones

Play dough cake design

You can setup different colored dough and allow children to create their own cake designs

Inventor Box

Keep a box with different materials in a box. Allow your child to create anything she/he feels like.

Paper plate design (animal, flowers, insects)

Children can create whatever they like. The idea of creating something from nothing is super fun.