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First Toys (4m+36m)


#Baby grow walker

#Elephant rattle

#Moon balancing toy

#Learn with me puppy

First Toys (4m+36m)

Babies reach their different childhood development milestones better with intentional play. With enough practise children gain skills that improve with playing with materials, experiences and opportunities. Take a note of development in following areas


These include: language expressions

# ability to identify parents voice (cognitive)

# Physical development (movement of hands, neck and feet)

# copies movement and facial expression



Other thing to do at home can includes

Hold, talk and sing to your baby cheerfully

Put toys near your baby so they can reach for them or kick out her feet

Put toys or rattles in your baby’s hand to hold

Act excited and smile when your baby ‘talks’ talk back as if you understand what they are saying

Read and look at baby books together in quiet playtimes